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Alicia Keys by SMFIII Alicia Keys :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 0 0 LOVELESSSS by SMFIII LOVELESSSS :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 2 6 Enigma WIP by SMFIII Enigma WIP :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 0 4 Deviant ID by SMFIII Deviant ID :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 1 2
The World is Speaking
Free Write
The World is Speaking(Seashells)
The Horizon…
An open canvas.
The Sun…
One who shines resplendently.
The Ocean…
A messenger.
The shoreline…
An escape.
And the seashells…?
I sit here, surrounded by beauty. I gaze upon the Horizon as the ground beneath warmly embraces me. My senses are indulged in a blast of color as the sun begins to depart. As He departs, He leaves me with a farewell gift. He benevolently shines his rays upon the horizon, He reminds me that I am loved.
The sky is in confliction, as a companion begins to depart. It glows with uncertain oranges, joyful yellows, and beckoning pinks that attempt to call the sun back to it's home. As the Horizon distresses over the departure of a loved one, it reveals the meaning of true beauty. Like a painting, the sky allows me to savor in a plethora of colors… It's conveying it's emotion.
The Ocean whispers and roars all at once as it carries the thoughts and feelings of the sky in the distance at
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                                                       Evanescence(Free Write)
Behind these walls, behind these barriers lies a region stationed in the unknown and obscure.
It is a place full of wonder and mystery and of things that we have never seen before.
It is a place where the flowers bloom in the winter and they give out when the earth's axis is on a tilt.
It is a place where the snow falls in different colors and the colors give the terrain a spark of life.
The moon glows red as blood and yet it rests placidly in the sky.
At times the clouds remain stationary and they give an open canvas life.
There are lacunas in the clouds that make it appear as though the sky has been torn asunder.
They lead to uncertain
:iconsmfiii:SMFIII 1 0
Hearts Understand
                                       "Hearts understand in ways minds cannot." 1/4/11
So tired of this vessel, so tired of it's shape.
So tired of it's size, so tired of it's weight.
So tired of it's build, so tired of it's form.
When he's not looking in the mirror it's the calm before the storm.
Gazing upon his body, he quickly averts his gaze.
This vessel is a source of sorrow, this vessel is a source of shame.
His mind disembodies his figure, his mind transforms his waist.
It creates a horrid caricature and then he wants to cover his face.
Everyone tells him that he is beautiful, everyone tells him that he looks great.
Kindness through sincere commendation cannot reach him in this state.
An angel descends out of the heavens in order to inform him of the truth.
That a defection of his mind
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A Drop of Obfuscation
                                    A Drop of Obfuscation; the Spirit it corrupts.                               2/2/11
So how does it feel to have your world come crashing down?
How does it feel to have all of darkness surround?
A drop of obfuscation begins to run amuck.
It blinds my very eyesight and my very senses are dulled.
There was a place above the heavens where my hope could grow and thrive.
It was a place where my feelings of ecstasy would swell up when the sun would shine.
The stratosphere began to collapse and the clouds began to separate.
I fell down to the underworld and there was no one there to catch my fall.
Why does it feel like no one can
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What a hottie Robert Pattinson by SMFIII What a hottie Robert Pattinson :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 1 2 Snow WIP by SMFIII Snow WIP :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 2 2 LIGHTNING by SMFIII LIGHTNING :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 4 8 Persona 4 Character by SMFIII Persona 4 Character :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 1 2 Still Life Study by SMFIII Still Life Study :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 0 0 Ninja of the Risng Sun by SMFIII Ninja of the Risng Sun :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 2 2 Ninja Warrior by SMFIII Ninja Warrior :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 0 0 Colored Sketches by SMFIII Colored Sketches :iconsmfiii:SMFIII 0 2


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Sanders Maurice Foulke III
United States
Hey guys, it SMFIII speaking. I love art, I love singing, I love writing, I love video games(YEAH FINAL FANTASY XIII AND LIGHTNING!!) I love spirituality and most importantly I love life. I know you guys are probably thinking I'm the most gorgeous person on the face of the earth... It's all right I'd be thinking the same if I were you(jk). But anyways, I'm in love with art and view it as a way of inspiring others and expressing my deepest and innermost insights, feelings, difficulties, and sources of joy. I hope that you find inspiration through and that I can help you to gain a new idea for your artwork or learn how to get through your own difficulties. Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy and intensely philosophical biography. Enjoy my gallery!!

Current Residence: Deep in the minds of the ones who love me...
Favourite genre of music: Rock, R&B, soul, pop
Favourite style of art: Realistic Anime, Realism.
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: LIGHTNING!!!!
Hey everyone, whatsup. So yeah, I haven't put up a new drawing in like ages because I've been so busy an because I get so discouraged when I don't get the response I want for a picture but no more!! I got a new sketchbook and I've drawn at least 10 to 15 quality sketches in there so I'm gonna post them up soon. So don't give up hope on me all you watchers out there, YES!!! I DO STILL EXIST!!
  • Listening to: Ooooooo, Final Fantasy X Soundtrack!
  • Reading: Lovely Bones
  • Watching: Television... DUH!!
  • Playing: KH: Birth by Sleep
  • Eating: Banana
  • Drinking: Coffee


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